Study: Public Cloud Overtakes Private Cloud This Year, and the Entire IT Infrastructure Market is Up, Up, and Away

Public cloud overtakes private cloud.
Public cloud overtakes private cloud.

Public cloud became the majority of cloud workloads this year, according to the Cisco Global Cloud Index (2015-2020). 51% of all workloads were in private clouds in 2015 but that’s anticipated to drop to 44% this year and the study projects that 68% of all workloads will be in a public cloud in 2020, leaving only 32% in private clouds.

These growth numbers are no real surprise, as the largest business service providers and media/social media companies are significant users of public cloud. For example, the study anticipates that by 2020 video, social networking, and search workloads will combine to account for 73% of consumer workloads, with nearly all of that in the public cloud.

Some other findings:

  • Big data will create 5x growth in storage over the next five years with nearly all of that growth being in the cloud.
  • Business workloads will grow 2.4x from 2015-2020 but as a percentage of data center workloads will decrease from 79% to 72%.
  • Hyperscale data center traffic is poised to quintuple over the six-year period.

There’s a lot of interesting data, and like all such studies it projects up, up, and away in every segment of the IT infrastructure marketplace, with cloud enjoying the most growth but still plenty of activity in private data centers as well. With both B2B and B2C companies migrating as much service delivery as possible online these trends certainly show no sign of slowing down.