Salesforce’s Pivot Toward AWS Shows Diversity of “Right Answers”

Is AWS right for your company? Maybe.
Is AWS right for your company? Maybe.

A couple of weeks ago we outlined the different decisions that various companies are making regarding their infrastructure, whether public cloud, hybrid, colocation, or something else. Since we published that article a technology enterprise’s infrastructure decision indicates a monumental shift in strategy toward the public cloud.

Salesforce is strengthening the company’s existing ties with Amazon Web Services (AWS), referring to AWS as their “preferred public cloud infrastructure provider”. Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff makes it clear that this is a long-term strategy for his company, saying that we will “continue to see more announcements between Salesforce and Amazon and you will see our partnership and strategic alliance with them continue to grow and develop.”

This growing relationship has ramifications far beyond the initial $400 million deal size . The news that AWS has been chosen by Salesforce is powerful statement by Salesforce that AWS is better at architecting cloud solutions for the largest enterprises than major competitors Microsoft and Google.

It is also is a declaration by Salesforce that AWS is better than Salesforce at architecting cloud solutions. The decision can be interpreted as something of a thumb in the eye by the infrastructure professionals at Salesforce, an elite and widely respected group. The reports that the decision stings the pride of those who built the Salesforce platform certainly rings true. It also can’t be pleasing news to colocation providers with existing relationships with Salesforce who were counting on continued organic growth. Meanwhile, for AWS colocation providers it is celebration time.

Salesforce’s continued pivot toward AWS, when other respected technology organizations are moving away from the cloud giant, illustrates once again that there are no universal right answers in the cloud, hybrid, and data center decision continuum. There is only YOUR right answer.