Live Threat Maps Offer Real-Time Look at Cyber Attacks

NorseCorp Map Tracks Cyber Attacks
Norse Map Tracks Cyber Attacks

Looking like video games, and fueled by massive amounts of data, live cyber attack maps allow you to monitor representations of a portion of attacks taking place at that moment in time.

Useful maps are offered by Norse, Kapersky Lab, Checkpoint Software and FireEye.

These are representations of the attack world and not all incursions in their entirety, as no one source has the ability to track anything close to the universe of all cyber attacks. Many networks defend against millions of events daily.

At any moment in time the United States is likely to be the top target, and while China is often the top attacker, the US is well represented in that role as well. But there is tremendous variance. They all seem to understate the number of threats and attacks from South America, which are growing in number.

But in reality, the “source” of the attack is frequently a hacked target that is then utilized to attack. On a recent visit to the Norse Attack Map the top source suddenly became Kuwait, with more attacks than the rest of the top 10 combined. A few minutes later they fell off the list entirely, likely a sign that a target in Kuwait was hacked for the purposes of unleashing a series of attacks from that site.

The maps are operated by companies marketing various security products, so they are designed to terrify you. They largely succeed.