If Your Infrastructure is a Game to Your Tech Team, That’s a Threat to Your Business

Is your infrastructure a game to resume-building employees?
Is your infrastructure a game to resume-building employees?

Your infrastructure solution, the ability of it to perform, and the ability of it to scale, change, and adapt are critical issues to your organization. The right infrastructure strategy can propel an organization to great heights, a poor infrastructure strategy can limit a company’s potential, if not bury it.

But are your technology pros treating your infrastructure decisions like the (organizational) life or death issues they may be? Or is it a game to them, along with an opportunity to boost their career? Are they playing their own version of Candy Land, having fun and building their resumes? Or are they choosing and utilizing proven, appropriate solutions?

These questions are particularly valid to be asking in organizations where senior management is not tech-centric, and does not have a background in cloud computing and other infrastructure solutions.   This issue is far from theoretical, and has been voiced as a concern of intelligent technologists who know what the right moves are, and see companies not making them.

Technology personnel with a background in implementing cloud solutions, particularly with AWS, are in demand. A way to get that desired resume item is to become an AWS customer, whether their current organization needs it or not. Making cloud and infrastructure decisions based on laying the foundation for the next job is happening, and adds another layer of importance and complexity to the infrastructure decision-making process.