Don’t Get Boxed In. Will You Still Be Able to Move Fast if Your Infrastructure Choices Prove to be Wrong?

Carefully consider your infrastructure choices to avoid being "boxed-in."
Carefully consider your infrastructure choices to avoid being "boxed-in."

What does it take to thrive in a competitive business environment? You need to be nimble. You need to be flexible.  You need to be able to scale both up and down depending on your business realities, the competitive environment and changing technology.

Few people would argue with the necessity of the ability to change. But do your IT infrastructure decisions match that rhetoric? More specifically, would still have the ability to be nimble, to be flexible, and to scale if your vendor choices and infrastructure strategy turn out to be the wrong? Or might you end up boxed in to a non-solution that hamstrings your ability to change and adjust?

“What happens if we’re wrong on this one?” is a very valuable question to ask in any decision-making process. You want to avoid locking into a vendor that you can’t unwind from. What happens to you if their solution doesn’t work, or falls out of favor, or they fail, or they’re purchased by an entity that phases out that line of business?

As an example, some public cloud providers have custom databases that are difficult to migrate elsewhere. Companies have suddenly seen their provider become a competitor, destroying the trust inherent in the relationship. Some companies have had their colocation facility close on relatively short notice.   Several public cloud providers have exited the business, some on very short notice.

If any of these things happen, what does that do to your business? What’s your backup plan? You can you overcome?

This is a valuable discussion to have. But few do.